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Yarra Valley Day Trip by Eve Sellars, Australian artist


Expressive and intuitive brushstrokes were used to create my painting Yarra Valley Day Trip. I have embarked on a series of artworks depicting scenes from my childhood, observed from the car window as we took a drive to new locations. I can almost smell the fruit cake mum baked for me and my brother, to be enjoyed with a thermos of hot tea on a woolly tartan blanket upon arrival at our destination.


This painting was created with moody dramatic darks, soft pale greens, little pops of warm pink, and lovely variations of colour and tone in between. It would look sensational framed, however this is not absolutely necessary as the painting is ready to hang, right out of the box.


The edges of the canvas have been painted as “wrap around” which means that if it is hung in a hallway, you will start to see the scene emerge as you approach the art. I only invest in top quality gallery standard canvas for my art.


I have included some 'In situ' photos, which help us imagine art in our home. Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space and I can virtually hang the painting for you. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale. Photos depicting framed art are for illustrative purposes for your interest and consideration.


Thanks for looking and I hope you choose this lovely rural scene for your home.



Eve x

Yarra Valley Day Trip | 122cm x 91cm

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