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Like many of my most recent artworks, this vast landscape reminds me of travelling extensively through and around Australia in 2011 and 2012 on a working holiday.


One day we took a short helicopter ride from Glen Helen in central Australia to nearby Ormiston Gorge, and the aerial view of the countryside was impossibly stunning and beautiful. This painting is based on a photo I took from helicopter.


This is a very colourful and saturated painting, with many many layers of colour with a translucency that gives it beautiful depth, with lovely dark burgundy, red, gold and green. The edges have been painted as wrap around so you can view the art from any angle as you approach the canvas.


‘In situ’ photos help us imagine art in our home. Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space ( and I can virtually hang the painting for you. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale.


I hope you love my painting and agree it would look amazing on the wall!



Eve x

This Land | 122cm x 122cm

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