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A large and impressive statement piece, created with oil paint on high quality gallery standard loose canvas, depicting an abstract aerial landscape, by Eve Sellars from regional Victoria.



Our stunning indigenous landscape never fails to inspire. During my extensive travels through central Australia in 2011 and 2012, I was breathtaken by the gorges, river beds, mountain ranges, and vast expanse of our beautiful Northern Territory.


This artwork has been painted on loose canvas and so it can be stretched by your local framer.


The actual size of the painting is larger than you see here, to take into account the wrapping around stretcher bars. I have included a studio photo with the canvas attached to the wall, which shows the actual size.  The actual canvas size is 210cm x 120cm and should be around 196cm x 102cm after stretching.


Feel free to request some photos! The edges of the canvases will wrap around, so the composition starts to emerge as you approach from any angle and external framing is purely optional.  


I have included some 'In situ' photos, which help us imagine art in our home. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale.


I hope you love my painting and will consider hanging this lovely and enormous statement art on your wall.



Eve x

Larapinta Country #3 | 196cm x 102cm

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