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Artist acrylic paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.


In winter it's easy to look around and see grey - but actually, this is the time of the year where rain and mist wash dust from the leaves, and the colours of the landscape are richer and more vibrant than before. Right now, gum trees are about to burst into bloom, and the weeds have found their way into my vegetable garden and are happily growing where last summer's pumpkins were greedily taking over the yard.


I hope you see vibrant colour and simple joy in this painting - I certainly felt joy when I created it.


- This painting is a one-off unique artwork which has been lovingly created in my studio which overlooks pasture in the heart of the Victorian countryside

- It will not be made available for prints - there's only one!
- Safely packaged for delivery
- Signed Certificate of Authenticity and other goodies included
- The edges are painted as wrap around

- Optional external framing is available for an additional cost.  Please allow 2 - 3 weeks.  Just make your selection and I will provide an invoice for the additional cost.


I have included photos of this artwork installed into a room with furniture. In situ photos were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale but should give you an idea of how your beautiful new artwork might look.


I welcome you to view my art in person (photos do not do justice!) - so if you're up for a lovely drive to central Victoria, feel free to contact me to arrange a suitable time.


Yes! International shipping is available - please contact me for further information.


I love hearing from collectors! Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer questions and provide more photos 😁


Eve x

Garden of Colour | 46cm x 46cm

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