Oil on pure linen
122 x 91cm
48" x 36"
$1100 inc Aust delivery
Supporters of my art know all too well my deep connection to country living and rural lifestyle, and my fondness for gum trees.  I always try to emulate my sensitivity to, and appreciation of, the indigenous landscape by capturing the harsh and stark beauty of our local flora in layers of oil paint; usually by using a rather creative approach to colour... purple, teal, orange and pink often feature in my gum leaves, and Rhapsody is no exception.

"Rhapsody" is so named because it is free-flowing and organic, while maintaining a certain structure, similar to the same term used in music.  It has been painted in thick luscious layers of oil paint onto high-quality clear-primed natural linen.  The natural fiber of the linen in the negative space further emphasises the natural view of the typical Aussie bush. As the linen has been triple primed, no further protection or varnish is required.

It is a big painting - and will be an eye-catching and conversation-starting artwork for your home.  I have provided you with some 'in situ' photos so you can see how this painting looks in some rooms.  Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space, and I can virtually insert the painting for you. I'm sure you'd love to see how it might look in your home.