Superb wrens have important meetings in my garden. When a particularly large insect is caught, their staccato call can be heard loud and clear. A male’s harem will flock to the scene in search of similarly tasty morsels, and the solo is joined by a full chorus of song.


These tiny wrens make me laugh, compel me to listen, and add sparkle to my vegie patch.


“Right at Home”, oil on linen, 76x102cm, and looks amazing in a Tas oak frame. Its organic composition and playful colour scheme make this artwork eye-poppingly beautiful and joyous. The little blue wren sits upon a branch with an inquisitive stance, while his mate looks longingly in his direction. Gum leaves in teal, and gum nuts in pink/purple, are a non-traditional adaption of a classically composed botanical art piece.


I have this hanging in my home gallery at the request of my family members who adore it.



Eve x


Right at Home | 76 x 102cm