There’s nothing quite like the golden glow cast across pasture before evening. This scene was painted near Yea, a small country town in central Victoria, about 15 mins from my home. The land around here is a combination of open pasture and sweeping forested hills, and I love how the land changes with the season as well as the hour. 

I have painted this scene in high quality acrylic colour, with the edges painted as wrap around so the picture starts to emerge as you approach from any angle. 

The vibrance of the golden green is possible by use of a limited  palette - only a small number of tubes of colour were used, keeping the colour fresh and almost luminous. The purple sky, by contrast, is subdued, and helps to provide a little relied in this bright artwork. 

Framing would look amazing, although it’s not absolutely necessary. The artwork is ready to hang, right out of the box. 

‘In situ’ photos help us imagine art in our home. Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space and I can virtually hang the paintings for you. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale.  Photos depicting frames are for illustrative purposes.

Eve x

Pasture Out Past Yea, Victoria | 76cm x 61cm