Blue wrens live in my garden and I love watching them frolic of an evening as they search for flying insects and call to their mate ‘peep!peep!peep!’ We are lucky enough to have several families of these wrens, who give us endless entertainment and provide a delightful pop of blue in my green garden.
Thick layers of gorgeous professional oil paint were applied to this painting with a palette knife and brushes, in harmonious earthy tones, muted purples and that gorgeous flash of bright blue we all associate with these darling little birds.  The negative space created by raw linen is the perfect backdrop, and the linen has been fully sealed and has the subtlest sheen.
I have included some 'In situ' photos, which help us imagine art in our home. Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space and I can virtually hang the painting for you. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale. Photos depicting framed art include the actual frame used in this artwork.
Eve x

Little Lovely | 30cm x 40cm