As we head towards winter, the grass of the paddocks and fields in my area of central Victoria are hanging on to last spring’s green. Our summer was mild and we had some wonderful rainfall, so autumn has been unusually lush.


This painting is based on the pasture towards Yea on the Goulburn Valley Hwy where paddocks stretch wide and gum trees cypress pine are dotted along the fields.


These are two oil paintings, framed in solid timber floating frames if requested. They are offered at a special price :)


It’s important that I mention these paintings are similar but also different - the horizon is drawn along a different line, the trees are painted slightly differently, the grass is more yellow in one, and the sides are painted as wrap around in one painting, and in the other, sides are painted pale green grey. Also, the sky is darker in one than the other. This means they may not hang next to each other as a pair so perfectly, but would certainly look great hung askew as shown, or in separate locations.  You can also buy just one painting if preferred.


I have included some 'In situ' photos, which help us imagine art in our home. Feel free to reach out with pictures of your own space and I can virtually hang the painting for you. In situ photos provided here were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale. Photos depicting framed art are for illustrative purposes for your interest and consideration.



Eve x

Fresh Field I and II - 2 paintings - 30x30cm and 40x30cm