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My art explores the colour and form of Australian native flora - in this painting, eucalyptus leaves and two superb wrens, in a classical botanical composition.


Superb Wrens are constant visitors to the garden outside my studio, with their many family members and friends, and wrens like them often pop up in my art.


Thick layers of gorgeous professional oil paint were applied with a palette knife and brushes, in harmonious earthy tones and muted purples and pinks with a striking deep green. The negative space created by raw linen is the perfect backdrop, and the linen has been fully sealed and has the subtlest sheen.


I have included photos of this artwork installed into a room with furniture. In situ photos were created using various apps and may not be perfectly to scale but should give you an idea of how your artwork might look. Where provided, pictures depicting framed art are illustrative only - just to give you an idea of how a beautiful timber frame might enhance the look of your painting.


If you are based in Victoria, you may like to see my paintings in person before making your purchase - I am located near the beautiful Trawool Estate (approx 90 minutes north of Melbourne) and often arrange to meet collectors there to show off my art. Just send me an email at to arrange a suitable viewing time.


I have been a full time career artist for 3 years, and have enjoyed seeing almost 300 paintings find their home in that time. My portfolio is eclectic and I paint with numerous styles and colour palettes, but I always harness my love for the Aussie landscape and use that connection when I paint. I often paint outdoors on location and allow the weather or time of day to dictate the mood or temperature of my art. In many of my artworks you see here on, a photo of me and my “work in progress” will hopefully give you a little insight into my process.


I love hearing from collectors! Feel free to email, and I’ll be happy to answer questions and provide more photos 😁



Eve x

Blue Wrens and Gum Leaves in Pink and Purple | 76cm x 76cm

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