Little Lovely
Oil on pure linen
Framed in American ash
30 x 30cm
12" x 12"
$370 inc Aust delivery
Living in central Victoria allows me to take in the beauty of a rugged and much-loved landscape. Tremendous trees adorn my property and provide food and shelter for wildlife, especially koalas and many of species of birds. When these trees flower, one can literally hear the buzzing of thousands of excited bees. It really is something to behold.
Framed by Melbourne framer Southern Buoy in American ash, this small painting will add a gorgeous splash of colour and depth to your wall.


Little Lovely was mostly created with many layers of paint using a palette knife so the texture is luscious and thick, particularly on the leaves themselves. The natural weave of the linen created by the negative space in the painting forms part of the overall look. 


Only professional standard materials have been used.

This painting comes framed but you could purchase without the frame if you prefer. Please let me know, as the price will reduce by $100.