Banksia Bouquet
Oil on pure linen
Optional American ash frame
61 x 61cm
24" x 24"
$680 (framed)
$520 (without frame)
I love the simple beauty and muted tones of Australian native flowers and leaves. My little dwarf banksia tree surprised me with a number of gorgeous blooms a little while ago, a sight not seen very often as it is dwarfed by grevilleas which dominate my garden. It was a pleasure capturing their soft feathery beauty in oil paint along with a fistful of gum leaves gathered from one of our many trees.
Framed by Melbourne framer Southern Buoy in American ash, this small painting will add a gorgeous splash of colour and depth to your wall.


The colours used have been mixed to produce olive greens, soft pale blue, turquoise and aqua, along with apricot and soft lemon for the flowers. The paint is thick in areas where I have applied colour with a palette knife, fingertips and even the edge of a business card!

The natural weave of the linen created by the negative space in the painting forms part of the overall look. Oil paint has a satin finish and the linen has been sealed in a transparent sealer so there is no further protection required. "Banksia Bouquet" is framed in solid hardwood but you can purchase without the frame if you prefer.