Banksias and Gum Leaves
Oil on pure linen
Optional American ash frame
61 x 61cm
24" x 24"
$650 (framed)
$490 (without frame)
I love the simple beauty and muted tones of Australian native flowers and leaves. This still life painting of flowers in a pewter urn is inspired by the beautiful Australia native flora, trees, and plants which adorn our backyards, nature strips, and park lands.


It has been painted with a limited palette, focusing on teal, apricot, blush, green, and silver hues. There is some negative space in the pure linen so that the natural weave forms part of the overall artwork. The paint and linen are neither flat nor glossy; more of a satin finish, and the sides are unpainted. I believe this painting would look incredible in a hardwood frame - feel free to enquire if you like.