Oil on canvas
Framed in Tasmanian oak
51 x 51cm
20" x 20"
$500inc Aust delivery

The Australian outback is known for its sparse ruggedness and deprivation of water. However, when rains fall hard and long, it awakens the countryside and all manner of life is brought forth, from tall eucalyptus gum trees, to fields of flowers... from flocks of birds to lizards, frogs and fish.


I have attempted to capture the quintessential landscape of arid Australia following a drought-breaking rain. The stark beauty of this countryside is all about those colours - burnt orange, silvery blue and bronzed green. My painting aims to take you there - to feel the sunshine on your face and smell new rivers running.



This painting was created using professional artist oil paint on gallery wrapped canvas. It is custom framed in Tasmanian oak with felt pads in back corners and strong picture wire. Only professional standard materials have been used.